Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

Is to play the Classified escape game in Victoria, TX!

Who doesn't love the opportunity to role-play and get into the game? At De-Crypt It LLC, you'll dive into a whole different world in a fun escape room challenge.

You'll have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles and unlock the secrets of the room. Can you and your crew get out in time?

Check out our main escape game, Classified, today. Come to our Victoria, TX location and dive into the story.

The goal: uncover the traitor

The goal: uncover the traitor

Agents we have a problem! There is word that a double agent is among us! One of your fellow agents has stolen highly classified files and intends to sell this information to the highest bidder!! These files contain pertinent information of all our spies and their true identities. Your covert mission is to infiltrate his office, solve the puzzles and unlock the secret identity of the traitor!!

Can you help us solve this Classified Mission??

Take on the Classified escape room today at De-Crypt It. We're Victoria, TX's foremost escape game spot.